Casino Cosmopol Turnering

  1. Casino Cosmopol Stockholm Poker Turnering
  2. Casino Cosmopol Poker Turnering
  3. Casino Cosmopol Turneringar
  4. Casino Cosmopol Turneringar Stockholm

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

This large casino contains 46 tables and 412 slot machines. Like other Cosmopol properties, Casino Cosmopol Stockholm is home to various areas that provide different services to their players. The building is divided into a reception area, a gaming hall, poker room, restaurant and bar, and a sports lounge.


Casino Cosmopol Stockholm Poker Turnering


Table Games at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

The 46 tables available at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm are split between roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and of course, poker.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm features 412 slot machines which are all found out in the main gaming hall. Slot machines and electronic card games are all available. The bulk of the electronic games are made up of slots which offer all sorts of titles and various betting limits. The minimum and maximum bet for slot machines are 1 SEK and 25 SEK respectively.


Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

Accommodation will need to be found elsewhere in the city of Stockholm, as they do not offer rooms at the casino. Popular nearby options are listed below:

Casino cosmopol stockholm poker turnering

Restaurants at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

The restaurant and bar at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm provide everything from drinks and light meals to three-course dinners. These items can be enjoyed while you are gaming or from the comfort of their various dining areas — the one being in the sports lounge and the other being in their restaurant.

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Casino Cosmopol Poker Turnering

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Casino Cosmopol Turneringar


Casino Cosmopol Turneringar Stockholm

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